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ITS Canada Ltd. is a Canadian-based corporation, specializing in purchasing, selling and refurbishing Point of Sale (P.O.S.) devices for the Financial and Retail Sectors. ITS has been working with Canadian Financial Institutions for 14 years providing products and services such as ATM's, Branch and Data Communications Equipment in addition to Point of Sale Products. During this time, we have dealt with most major institutions such as CIBC, Toronto Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal and IBM Canada Ltd.

ITS is committed to providing exceptional service to its customers by using highly trained technicians, expedient turnaround times and being a customer oriented company. ITS specializes in innovative management programs to suit the individual requirements of our customers. We offer customers flexibility and creativity in both Refurbishing and Depot Repair Services. (i.e. Customer driven weekly requirements)

Our highly trained technicians are familiar with various P.O.S. terminals and printers. ITS not only upgrades, repairs, cleans and tests equipment, but has been providing large Financial and Corporate customers such as Bank of Montreal and IBM with various Depot Repair Services for several years.

ITS feels that in the near future financial institutions and large corporations will be outsourcing many divisions currently being managed in house. It is becoming more economically feasible to have the storage, sorting, repair and deployment of devices to be handled by outside firms. ITS would like to assist and grow with its customers to form this relationship.

Customers & Services

ITS is currently involved in the purchase, depot maintenance, refurbishment and sale of devices between Canada and the US for Financial Institutions as well as for other large Corporations such as IBM. ITS was awarded IBM's Depot Repair Olivetti Service over four (4) years ago and continues to provide this service.
Over the past 12-14 years the principals of ITS have been involved in many projects relating to CIBC. (i.e. Refurbishment and Deployment of Olivetti PR40 and PR50 printers); Purchase of obsolete equipment (ie. Philips PTS-6000 Branch equipment; Sale of IBM 4700 related equipment for branch connectivity and Purchase of ABM units displaced from the branch environment.

We are currently working with the TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, Olco and Ultramar repairing, refurbishing, arranging pick ups, deliveries, daily and monthly maintenance reports and a depot repair service for a large portion of their P.O.S. devices.

Our Values

ITS is committed to exceptional service to its customers by employing highly trained technicians, providing expedient turn around times and maintaining a service oriented company. Our company is reliable and flexible and specializes in offering clients innovative, option driven programs to meet individual requirements and objectives.


Our Clients

ITS customers include: Verifone, Hypercom, MIST/NBS, AIB, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Global Payments (CIBC), TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, National Bank, Laurention Bank, Confederation Desjardins, IBM, Ultramar, Olco and National Grocers as well as other retail and petroleum companies.

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