Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Management

ITS (Canada) Ltd, works to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional operational results. We develop and implement long-term environmental stewardship programs and policies within the areas of parts procurement, energy and water conservation, transportation and waste stream management.

ITS (Canada) Ltd follows the principles of the latest Electronic Industry Code of Conduct. Many of the EICC standards for labor, health and safety, Environment management and Ethics are overlapping polices incurred with our current partners (Manufacturers, and Banks).

We have trained employees in WHIMIS (Workplace Hazard Materials Information System). WHIMIS ensures that controlled products used, stored, handled or disposed of in the workplace are properly labelled, MSDS¿s are made available to workers, and workers receive education and training to ensure the safe storage, handling and use of controlled products in the workplace.

Parts Procurement : The environmental impacts of our purchasing practices and how we operate our business every day are important. We seek to purchase and use environmentally preferable products and services, and recognize suppliers who reduce environmental impacts in their production and distribution systems or services. We partner with our suppliers, customers, and environmental experts to understand the impacts of available products and services on the environment and communities and to identify better solutions and alternatives.

Energy and Water Conservation: The energy and water are limited natural resources, and contributes to climate change, health & well being, and the environmental quality in the communities we serve. We advocate and employ energy and water management efforts to reduce consumption by 2% yearly. There many variables that effect this goal and we make changes to compensate. A few examples of our efforts:

* Onsite filtered water ¿ replaced the Bottled water service
* Double pane windows installed to reduce heating and cooling loss by 4%
* Lunchroom has eight energy star microwaves, 98% of employees bring food from home reducing offset waste from store bought lunch
* CRT monitor¿s change to LCD format, reduced electricity
* Scope 1&2 Green House gases have been reduced since 2008 by 3% yearly. Our visibility is limited on this item but still make the effort. We are the lessee for the building we reside in
* At the end of the day all company employees are responsible for a complete shutdown of their workstation. Burning racks are the only items allowed to stay on overnight. This accounts for 9% reduction in usage over a year in electricity
Transportation (GHG): We rely on vehicles to deliver products and services to our many customer locations. We recognize that reducing our fuel use and emissions will have a substantial impact on costs and the environment. Many of our employees have adopted car pooling. We have located our facility in an area where two public transportation systems are available to our employees.

Managements Audits and Performance: Audit reviews made by Quality manager are reported quarterly to the General Manager(Principle partner). The General Manager presents recommended changes to President and gets approval. General Manager ensures the Production, Quality managers are operating within process changes. If there is an opportunity to make the management system more efficient, all parts of management will ensure changes are made in the process.

Waste Stream Management: We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by promoting a culture with our employees that reduces, reuses, and recycles waste. Everyday ITS is working to reduce source packaging, enabling recovery and reuse of discarded materials, and recycling waste to create raw materials for other purposes. A few examples:

* Investing in cardboard compacter. Paper items (majority cardboard) is collected and compacted and sent to the recycling facility

* Packing materials are re-used until integrity is unfit for this purpose. It is then recycled
* Composting of food waste
* Lithium Batteries are recycled with our local battery supplier
* Copper waste are sent to recycling center
* We have no regulatory penalties or fines in the past or pending

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