ITS Depot Repair & Prestaging

ITS provides board level surface mount technology (SMT) repair on MIST/NBS, Ingenico, Verifone, Star, Micronicx, Epson, Citizen, Axiom, Hypercom,and IBM products. In addition to repairs, ITS offers refurbishment service for all products that only require a clean and test. Terminal programming and/or customized configuration is provided on an individual basis.

Our Services Include:

  • Depot Repair Service: Includes repair, refurbishing, electrical testing, software loading, cleaning, and packaging for shipment.
  • Upgrade Service
  • Purchasing of your obsolete equipment "as is".
  • Selling of refurbished "like new"equipment. Get the best price by choosing from our wide selection of remanufactured devices.
  • Storage
  • Rapid shipping worldwide

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ITS provides manufacturers, financial and corporate customers
Depot Warranty repair services.

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